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Welcome to R&R

A professional and friendly consultancy, serving the needs of foreign companies in the Norwegian market

R&R specializes in corporate development services. With three offices in the greater Oslo area, and 60 employees serving 1,100 clients, we are ready to help get your company up and running in Norway. Firstly, we can assist in your compliance with Norwegian rules and regulations and deliver effective accounting services; and secondly, we offer consulting support for corporate development and activities.

Your corporate operation could take various shapes in Norway. It could be a sole proprietorship; a registered branch a partnership or a limited liability company. We will undertake the registration procedure for your company at the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises.

We also assist in taxation matters, including corporate income tax and employer’s social security contribution; employee’s tax on salary; and employee’s contribution to the Norwegian social security system. Your company may be fully or partly exempt from tax liability, depending on any tax treaty between your country and Norway.

We will take care of the necessary VAT registration, and also act as your VAT representative, if your company has no business address in Norway.

We offer and uphold complete confidentiality in all dealings with our clients.